Declaration of consent

Stand: 30.06.2022

Naturally, we always handle your personal data responsibly. Any personal data we receive from you is processed in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. For detailed information please see our privacy policy.


I consent to the schoesslers GmbH, Leipziger Straße 126, 10117 Berlin, using my e-mail address for the purpose of sending newsletters and promotion. Thereby, products of all companies of the Vogel Communications Group are advertised. A list of all companies belonging to Vogel Communications Group can be accessed here.

The advertised products include expert articles, online articles and services, and agency services. I can find detailed information on this in the privacy policy.
In case my personal telephone number has also been collected, it may be used for offers of aforementioned products, for services of the companies mentioned above, and market research purposes.

Right of revocation

I understand that I can revoke my consent at will. My revocation does not change the lawfulness of data processing that was conducted based on my consent leading up to my revocation. In order to declare my revocation, one option is for me to send an e-mail with the reference “unsubscribing from the newsletter” to In case I no longer wish to receive e-mail promotion, I can also click on the unsubscribe link included at the end of a promotion e-mail. Further information regarding my right of revocation and its implementation as well as the consequences of my revocation can be found in the privacy policy, section e-mail newsletter.